Where are the next big areas for Commercial Development in Louisville?

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Commercial Development in Louisville

We predict that in this decade, we’ll see the development of the Urton Lane Corridor and the Rehl Road Interchange area as the next big areas for commercial development in Louisville, KY.

Urton Lane is a winding, narrow, 2-lane road that runs from Shelbyville Road around to North Pope Lick Road. If you drive it, you’ll hardly believe you’re still in Jefferson County. But, with the improvements by Metropolitan Sewer District for sewers, the upgrading of water lines by Louisville Water and the plans for the Urton Lane Corridor spelled out in Cornerstone 2020 and updated Cornerstone 2040, the area is ripe for commercial development in Louisville. In fact, we’ve already recorded land sales and completed appraisal work in the area for multi-family apartments and senior living facilities in the immediate area that were able to utilize the existing sewers.  The plans are for a rerouting of the road and eventual connection all the way to Seatonville Road. 

Rehl Road is set to receive an interchange on the Gene Snyder Freeway (Intrastate 265) between I-64 and Taylorsville Road. This will open up a brand new interchange, and all of the commercial service uses that accompany it, such as gas stations, hotels, and restaurants. But, more importantly, this provides a direct highway feed for Blankenbaker Station, which started at Blankenbaker Parkway (Papa Johns, Lexus, BMW) and expanded eastward (Main Event, FBI Building, XScape Theaters) towards Tucker Station. As of now, access to the newest phase of Blankebaker Station will be improved with access to Rehl Road at I-265. This will improve tractor-trailer access and speed up distribution and the ever-important 3PL industry in Louisville feeding UPS and Ford. 

The map included shows the highlighted areas. I’ll be interested to check this blog in 10 years to see if I was correct.

Map of Commercial Development in Louisville