Using Photography to Sell Your Home Online

Published by Jason Ferris on

Lagrange Home

My Lagrange Home

I am going through the process of selling my personal home. As an appraiser, who has walked through thousands and thousands of homes in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana, I know the importance of marketing your home and knowing your audience. In the old days, people would have an open house, people would walk through smelling cookies or candles, or the other tactics used and hopefully someone would want to buy it.

Now, most everyone, including myself, searches homes online and selects or deselects homes from their hot list based on photos only. They barely even read the comments. Realtors have embraced this trend and now spend significant resources marketing digitially.

I listed my home with a Realtor, as I’m a member of Greater Louisville Realtors Association, and I posted my house on Zillow (directing interested parties to my agent). The best decision I made was to use Rob Densmore with Zen Photo Arts. ¬†You can link to my Zillow listing here and see all of the photos. He took about 45 minutes and I had the photos within 24 hours. He uses a cool feature that combines multiple still photos for the effect you see.

This sounds like a plug for a friend’s business. However, I only saw his carwrap advertising his business, emailed and booked him and received the pictures. I am that impressed with his service that I am writing this blog. If your home is going to be marketed online, consider the additional cost of great pictures to enhance your marketing. I’ve looked at thousands of homes over the last few years to consider buying……all of that was done online.