Keep a Home Journal – Save A Headache

Published by Jason Ferris on

As an appraiser, I see a lot of houses. Some people are very organized and have a list ready for me on all of the renovations and repairs they’ve completed since they owned the home. It can included names of contractors, prices, receipts and quotes, warranties, etc.. I have even had people ‘share’ a dropbox folder with me that contains scanned copies of every item and service they’ve had done on their house.

Some of you, quite frankly, don’t have much in the way of record keeping.

Really, most homeowners need to keep a simple journal of what has been done to their house. Keep your warranties, quotes, contracts, receipts and pictures if needed, but a simple journal is all an appraiser needs. If the worst happens, and your family needs to sell your home after your death, or a mediator, judge or lawyer needs information during a divorce, or you want to make sure your insurance is adequate based on the renovations you’ve done, keep a simple journal. Your memory isn’t as good as you think it is !

I have a sample journal below, use your own judgement on what you want to record, but start a good habit now and it will pay off later.

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