Appraisal Before You Sell?

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Picking the right real estate appraiser is important – we aren’t all created equal. When making that decision, going with Bell Ferris
is your best option in the Kentuckiana region. In fact, in most
cases, a person’s home is their most valuable asset. With that
being said, when buying or selling a home, having an independent opinion of market value is valuable information.

If you house is not priced correctly there are a couple things that
can happen: One, if your property is under-priced, you will probably
sell quickly but you will be leaving “money on the table”.
Of course, if you are overpriced, you run into the risk of
staying on the market for a longer time than you should. And
usually, when you finally realize that your property was priced too
high, you’ll lower the price but then face a stigma in the market.

The more information you have, the better decision you’ll make. When selling your property, start off on the right foot and get it
priced correctly. In order to do this, hire the best appraisers in the
Kentuckiana region. We work with Realtors all the time to help them price homes correctly, particularly unique properties.
We have 14 years of experience in Louisville and southern Indiana. Call us at 502-992-8202 or email us at

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