5 Pieces of Information to Provide to an Appraiser During the Loss of a Loved One

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When going through the loss of a loved one, dealing with paperwork is not something anyone looks forward to doing.

The best way to be prepared for the appraisal of your real estate is to have the following ready for our appraisers.

5 Pieces of Information to Provide:
1. If the real estate involves a home, what repairs or renovations have been done recently that would affect the value ? If the real estate involves commercial properties, you’ll need income and expense statements, rent rolls, and copies of leases.
2. When is a convenient time for Bell Ferris to do an inspection? The inspection
will include the exterior and interior of the property. We will measure and photograph the entire property, including every room.
3. What is the date of death? Typically, for IRS, estate or probate, this is the effective date of the value opinion. Since this is before the inspection date, we call this a retrospective appraisal.
4. Do you have a CPA and or Attorney hired? Typically, they will engage our services directly.
5. Has the house or commercial property had any changes since the date of the death?
When going through a loss, leave it up to the professionals at Bell Ferris to help
with the valuation part of the process. Give us a call today at 502-992-8202 or email us at

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