Getting a Home or Commercial Real Estate Inspection During COVID-19

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Getting A Home Or Commercial Real Estate Inspection During COVID-19

As real estate appraisers, we are starting to see changes in the methods used for home and commercial real-estate inspections during the COVID-19 crisis. At the time of writing (late April 2020), some overall fear is starting to subside, but many folks are still making changes to how they interact with others. Last week, I did a real estate inspection in Louisville Ky where I saw the following sign; funny, it didn’t shock me as it would have 3 months ago:  

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How Bell Ferris Is Handling Home and Commercial Real Estate Inspections Amidst COVID-19

Our team of Louisville real estate inspectors is now wearing surgical masks and gloves during all home and commercial property inspections. We are even plastic-wrapping our phones and laser measures used for photos and measurements in the inspection process. Once we are done, we carefully dispose of our PPE and disinfect our gear and hands. We want our customers to have peace-of-mind that we are taking preventative measures when entering and leaving their property. 

To Those Holding Off on Inspections During COVID-19

While some folks have an immediate need for home or commercial real estate appraisals, we understand there are those who do not want additional persons on their property at this time. And if you are a caretaker, in frequent contact with a vulnerable person, or are at-risk yourself, you should be limiting your interactions with people! So if you do not feel comfortable with letting someone in your property or would rather wait it out, those are your rights and we respect them. We will be here for you when things get back to normal.

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