The appraisal of office buildings, whether they are suburban office buildings, downtown office buildings in the CBD (Central Business District), medical offices, or office condominium units, involves the analysis of rental rates, occupancy, demand, land value, selling prices, and current market offerings.

Our firm regularly appraises office buildings in Louisville and southern Indiana. We talk with brokers, buyers, sellers and market participants to understand the trends in office construction, rehabilitation, conversion and leasing. If you are considering building and office, buying or selling an office, or need a current market value for your office building or project, contact us or begin the process of ordering an appraisal here.

Important factors to consider:
  • Square Footage & Rentable Area
  • Access & Linkages
  • Availability of Labor Force
  • Tenant Finishes
  • Common Areas
  • Mechanicals
  • Security & Fire Protection
  • Construction Type
  • Age & Condition
  • Floor Layout
  • Parking
  • Storage