Valuation of single-family homes has changed dramatically over the last 15 years. Regulation after the recessionary years of 2007 to 2011 have increased the amount of research and analysis that goes into a home’s valuation. Our firm has kept current with all of the FHA, VA, Conventional, HUD and private requirements required today.

Apartment development in Louisville has been a significant part of the commercial real estate landscape. Projects can be seen all over the region being completed and filling up. More and more projects have been announced in our area, elevating the quality of the entire apartment inventory in the area.

Farms are a part of Kentucky and Indiana. Our heritage stretches back 200 years with a direct connection to the pioneers that settled this area. We have knowledge of how today’s farms are valued by buyers in the rural areas of our state. We analyze the homes on the property, as well as the farm production buildings, including barns, cribs, pens, fencing and paddocks.

Vacant land is often quoted by appraisers as ‘the most difficult type of appraisal assignment.’ This can certainly be true. Land has the potential for many things. We analyze location, access, topography, drainage, utilities, nearby land uses and trends in land purchasing and development.