Institutional properties are unique since they are generally not as elastic as other types of real estate. Typically, they are not tied to the economic conditions as closely as an office, for instance. These types of properties include churches, non-profit charitable facilities, schools and government buildings. However, with a generally limited set of potential buyers, or the potential for re-use of the property, these assignments require an appraisal firm with experience.

Senior Living is a quickly growing segment of our economy. We appraise Assisted Living Facilities, Independent Living Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities (Nursing Homes), CCRC Campuses and 55+ Over Multi-Family Complexes. We develop a supply and demand study in every report and compare income with other facilities in the same market segment. Our firm has completed appraisals for both proposed and existing facilities all over Kentucky and southern Indiana.

Special purpose properties generally don’t fit into the other categories. We appraise car washes, indoor soccer arenas, and similar properties. Generally, these require additional analysis in order to ensure that our client understands the enhanced risks with non-traditional property types.